Garbanzo Bowls

Bottom of lobsters and seasonal bulgur. Filled with lettuce, lemon-marinated cabbage, pickled red onion, oven-baked eggplant and roasted chickpeas with za'atar. Topped with arugula and pomegranate.


All pitas or bowls can be enjoyed as a combo consisting of:










Dive into the world of flavors with bowls from Garbanzo!

Are you ready for an explosion of flavors that will make your taste buds sing for joy? At Garbanzo we make the most delicious Bowls with salad.

Imagine a carnival of flavor and texture gathered in one dish. This is exactly what you get when you choose one of our incredibly tasty bowls.

When you step into Garbanzo, you will immediately notice the warm and welcoming atmosphere. We've created a little piece of heaven on earth where each ingredient is celebrated for its unique contribution to the party in your bowl.

But it's not just the taste that's at the heart of Garbanzo; it's also the experience. With our open kitchen, you can watch the magic unfold before your eyes. It is honest and transparent.

Our bowls are like a journey around the earth, gathered in a bowl. The ingredients are carefully selected and combined to create a harmony that will dance on your tongue. Bulgur, lemon-marinated red cabbage, oven-baked eggplant - each and every component is like a symphony that plays its own melody in this amazing composition.

Do you live in Copenhagen? Then you're in luck! Garbanzo is just around the corner multiple locations spread across the city. We invite you to be part of our community where you can share your passion for great food with like-minded people. See the whole Garbanzo menu.

Take the plunge and let Garbanzo's bowls take you on a taste adventure you won't forget. Your bowl is waiting for you - and believe us, it's filled with something special!