Garbanzo Frederiksberg

Located in the heart of Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, you will find our restaurant at Falkonér Allé 82. Here we serve homemade pita breads, delicious bowls, and appetizing sides.

More about Garbanzo at Frederiksberg

It was peak corona and the opening day was called April 19, 2022. It was a tough time with long days, poor sleep and a store that was not ready until the night before opening day, after two founders had toiled and dragged until the bright morning. We ended up rescheduling our opening from one day to three days, and yet we were WALLOWED in our own success. Over 700 pitas just the first day! Gratitude wasn't enough words! And enough employees at work -- neither were we. We quickly became smarter about that.

Since day 1 we have been so happy with our lovely bar in Frederiksberg. In a densely populated area where there are really local sweet regulars who stop by weekly and get their Pita fix. We love you guys! You have made sure that we are still here even in the hard times!



Dine in at Garbanzo Frederiksberg

Garbanzo Frederiksberg is located in a cozy and easily accessible environment Falkoner Allé 82, 2000 Frederiksberg

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Falkoner Allé 82, 2000 Frederiksberg

Take-away at Garbanzo Frederiksberg

It's easy for you to order bowls and pira for take away at Garbanzo Frederiksberg

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Garbanzo Frederiksberg - Your local food paradise!

When you enter Garbanzo Frederiksberg, you are not just in a restaurant, but in a place where love of food and local community meet. Our cozy restaurant at Frederiksberg is located in a charming area of Copenhagen, known for its elegant atmosphere and green surroundings.

In the heart of Frederiksberg, Garbanzo welcomes you with open arms and a menu that will make your teeth run in water. As you may already know, our pitas and bowls are famous, and they are of course also the stars on the menu here at Frederiksberg. But it's not just the food that makes us special -- it's also the way we bring people together.

The decor at Garbanzo Frederiksberg is both modern and cozy, and we have made sure to create an environment where you can feel at home. Our indoor seating is comfortable and inviting, while our outdoor area is the perfect place to enjoy a meal in the open air on a sunny day.

Our pitas and bowls are carefully prepared with the freshest ingredients. When you take a bite, you will experience an explosion of flavors that are both satisfying and nutritious. Each dish is a celebration of simplicity and authenticity, and we love seeing our guests' smiles as they taste our creations.

If you're on the go, don't worry! Garbanzo Frederiksberg also offers take away. Order easily through the Garbanzo APP and your meal will be ready for pickup when you arrive.

But Garbanzo Frederiksberg is more than food; it's part of the local community. We are proud to be a rallying point for friends, families and neighbors. With events and special offers, we contribute to the lively and welcoming environment that Frederiksberg is so famous for.

Easily accessible via public transport, bike or on foot, Garbanzo Frederiksberg is an easy choice for an excellent meal in good company. So take a seat, relax, and let us indulge in the delicious flavors of our pitas and bowls.

We are not just a restaurant; we are an experience and we look forward to sharing it with you. See you at Garbanzo Frederiksberg!