Garbanzo Indre By

Located in the heart of Indre By, Copenhagen, you will find our first restaurant on Sværtegade. Here we serve homemade pita breads, delicious bowls, and appetizing sides.

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Experience authentic taste at Garbanzo in Inner City: Irresistible Pita Bread Awaits You!

Are you looking for a fresh, tasty and unique meal in the heart of Copenhagen? Garbanzo in Indre By is the perfect place for you! Our pita breads are handmade and baked daily on site, so they are always fresh. Made with the finest ingredients, and with a wealth of filling options, our pita bread is a true flavor explosion. But it doesn't stop here — at Garbanzo the taste is a journey and we offer an authentic selection of delicious flavours from abroad.

Why choose Garbanzo? Our dedication to quality and taste is unmatched. Customers love our perfect balance of crispness and softness, and our friendly staff is always on hand to make the perfect pita for you.

So, whether you're after a delicious lunch or an evening meal, Garbanzo in the Inner City is your ultimate choice. Don't let this taste experience go by your nose!

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Dine in at Garbanzo Indre By

Garbanzo Indre By is located in a cozy and easily accessible environment Sværtegade 3, København K

14 indepladser
4 ude pladser
Indre By
Sværtegade 3, København K

Take-away at Garbanzo Indre By

It's easy for you to order bowls and pira for take away at Garbanzo Indre By

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The story behind Garbanzo inner city

Garbanzo Indre By is our first restaurant, where it all started in our small cellar on Sværtegade 3.

June 7, 2019 was the day we opened the doors of our cozy and authentic restaurant in the inner city.

Our innovative and different “gourmet pita bread” quickly caught the attention of both locals and tourists in the area, and since then we have been serving tasty food to our many happy guests. We had a nice visit from @MigOgKBH and TV2 Lorry, who gave really great reviews. (Fast forward to 3:30)

Garbanzo restaurant Indre By has a very special place in our heart because that's where it all started. Our inner-city restaurant is full of history and soul, and we are proud to offer our guests an authentic and tasteful dining experience in the heart of Copenhagen. We have a great focus on using delicious ingredients that give our dishes a unique taste and quality.

Our inner-city restaurant is perfect for both lunch and dinner. We offer a wide variety of dishes, including our popular bowls and pita bread with various fillings such as falafel, chicken, flank steak, lamb and halloumi. We also have a variety of delicious sides that go perfectly with our main dishes. Our food is perfect for vegetarians and meat lovers alike, so there is something for everyone at Garbanzo restaurant Indre by.

We have 14 indoor seating and 4 outdoor seating so you can enjoy our food in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Our restaurant is the perfect place for both small and large groups, and our friendly staff will make sure you have a pleasant and tasty dining experience.

At Garbanzo restaurant Indre By, we also offer take-away, so you can enjoy our delicious dishes wherever you are. Ordering through our Garbanzo APP is easy and convenient, so you can pre-order your food and avoid waiting.

So if you are looking for an authentic and tasteful restaurant in the inner city of Copenhagen, then Garbanzo Indre By is the perfect place to visit. We offer our guests a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, delicious and healthy dishes and easy take away. We are one of the best restaurants in Indre By in Copenhagen and we look forward to welcoming you!