Garbanzo Pitas

Freshly baked organic sourdough pita bread. All pitas contain lettuce, lemon-marinated cabbage, pickled red onion, oven-baked eggplant and roasted chickpeas with za'atar. Topped with arugula and pomegranate.


All pitas or bowls can be enjoyed as a combo consisting of:










Taste the adventure of every Bite with pita from Garbanzo!

Hello pita-lover! Have you ever dreamed of going on a culinary journey without leaving Copenhagen? Garbanzo brings the adventure straight to you with our delicious pitas!

Step into a world where flavors dance and cheer in your mouth. At Garbanzo, we love to pamper your taste buds, and it all starts with our pita!

When you first step inside our little mecca of taste, you will quickly become engulfed in the atmosphere. The walls are decorated with our typically used crops, and it's not just for show - it's a tribute to the fresh produce that is at the heart of everything we make. We mean it when we say you can taste love and care in every bite.

Garbanzo isn't just a place -- it's an experience. Your senses will be entertained when they meet our homemade pita bread filled with a symphony of lemon-marinated red cabbage, pickled red onions, crispy carrots and more.

Want to know what makes our pita extra special? It is our honesty and transparency. At Garbanzo, you get what you see! We believe in sharing the joy of good food, which is why we are always ready to welcome you with open arms and a smile. We also offer Bowls and sides.

And guess what? We're just around the corner! With several Garbanzo restaurants around beautiful Copenhagen, your next pita adventure is never far away.

So what are you waiting for? Come and discover why pita from Garbanzo has become a city favorite. We promise that you will leave us with a big smile and an even greater appetite for life!