Garbanzo Plates

A base of hummus, topped with our tomato/cucumber salad, roasted chickpeas m. za'atar. Topped with our paprika mix and sumac. Served with an organic sudejspita pita.

Discover a new dimension of taste with Plates from Garbanzo!

Are you ready to explore new horizons of taste that will transform your dining experience? At Garbanzo, we are thrilled to present our newest addition to the menu - Plates!

Our Plates are created with the same passion and care as our beloved Bowls. Imagine a work of art on the plate where each bite is a taste experience in itself.

When you step into Garbanzo, you will experience the same cordial atmosphere that invites you to enjoy every moment. Our open kitchen is a stage for culinary magic, with our skilled chefs handling every ingredient with care and dedication.

Our Plates are a symphony of flavor and texture, carefully tuned to create a culinary explosion on your plate. From juicy meatballs to crunchy vegetables and delicate sauces - each bite is a journey through different flavor nuances and consistencies.

Are you in Copenhagen? So visit us at our various locations around the city and be part of our food community. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our passion for great food.

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Join us on a culinary journey and let our Plates take you on a taste experience that will remain in your memories long after the last bite is enjoyed. Your plate is waiting to be discovered - and we promise, it's filled with something very special!