Garbanzo Trianglen

Located in the heart of Østerbro, Copenhagen, you will find our restaurant at Trianglen. Here we serve homemade pita breads, delicious bowls, and appetizing sides.

More about Garbanzo at Trianglen

“If we are going to Østerbro, it has to be right here”

After several bike rides through the city and a certainty that our next business would be in Østerbro, it was only a matter of finding the right location! We have always been aware that this should happen near the Triangle. But there were no premises vacant, so we had to reorient the tactics. After putting on a little extra at the local pizza man — we manage to take over his pizzeria. We got everything we had dreamed of. A charming rental of just 48 m2 in the living room and a cellar for storage. We quickly got it knocked back down and up again. Today decorated as an eating bar, where you have the option of a quick meal at the bar or as a takeaway. Our undoubtedly most optimized bar, where everything is new and plays 140%.

We enjoy the local environment at Østerbro! What a beautiful city!

We have 14 employees affiliated with Frederiksberg. Where 3 of them are full-time.


Dine in at Garbanzo Trianglen

Garbanzo Trianglen is located in a cozy and easily accessible environment Ndr. Frihavnsgade 4, 2100 Østerbro

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Ndr. Frihavnsgade 4, 2100 Østerbro

Take-away at Garbanzo Trianglen

It's easy for you to order bowls and pira for take away at Garbanzo Trianglen

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Pre-order to Trianglen through our app and skip the line!

Visit Garbanzo in our restaurant at Østerbro

Are you looking for a cozy place with delicious food at Trianglen in Copenhagen? Welcome to the Garbanzo Triangle, where taste and atmosphere go up in a higher unity!

Our restaurant at Trianglen is the ideal place for you looking for a relaxed environment with a menu that offers both freshness and authenticity. Here the atmosphere is always high and we welcome everyone - whether you want to enjoy a meal alone or have the company of friends and family.

At Garbanzo Triangle, our menu is simple but refined. At Garbanzo, we specialize in pita and bowls. Our menu is put together with care so you can taste the quality in every bite. Our pita are soft and delicious, while our bowls are rich and nutritious.

If you are looking for a place where you can both soak in pita that is as soft as a summer cloud, or you want to immerse yourself in a bowl that is like a garden of flavors, then the Garbanzo Triangle is the place for you.

We know that Copenhageners are often on the move, so at Garbanzo Trianglen we also offer take-away. With our Garbanzo APP, you can easily order your meal in advance and swing by to pick it up at your convenience.

Our location on the Triangle is part of our charm. This area is known for its lively vibe and we are happy to contribute to it with our tasty food and welcoming atmosphere. A visit to the Garbanzo Triangle is more than just a meal; it's an opportunity to unwind and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Whether you come by bike, on foot, or by public transportation, the Garbanzo Triangle is easy to reach. We look forward to welcoming you and serving you some of our favorite dishes. So stop by, take a seat and let the taste of our pita and bowls enchant you!