Garbanzo Sides

At Garbanzo we offer a selection of flavorful sides. Come down to our shops around Copenhagen and get the whole experience, and taste the best sides of Copenhagen.


All pitas or bowls can be enjoyed as a combo consisting of:










Garbanzo's pages!

Hello french fries lover! Have you ever wondered how to make an already perfect meal even better? The answer is simple: add Garbanzo's delicious sides!

At Garbanzo, we know that a meal is more than just the main course. That's why we've created a number of delicious sides that complement our pitas and bowls perfect and makes sure no one leaves our restaurant hungry.

And let's take a moment to pay tribute to the king of all asides: french fries. These golden, crunchy spells of happiness bring flavor to any meal, and at Garbanzo we've made them something truly special.

Our fries are not just ordinary french fries. They are prepared with love and care to ensure that each and every bite is perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. And because we know that everyone has their own favorite, we also offer sweet potato fries — a sweeter and slightly healthier variant of the classic pomfrit.

But wait, there's more! For those looking for something truly unique, we also offer Cauliflower Bites. These little chunks of joy are a different, but totally irresistible, way to enjoy cauliflower.

When you visit Garbanzo, it's not only a pita adventure you embark on, but also a journey of discovery through our pages. From the crunchy crispy fries to the sweet and juicy sweet potato fries and the crispy cauliflower bites — there's something for everyone.

And just like with our pitas, our sides are also available as takeaway. So whether you're on the go, stuck in the office, or simply want to enjoy a delicious meal at home, Garbanzo is here to save your day.

So next time you visit Garbanzo, don't forget to treat yourself to our delicious asides. They are the perfect way to make an already amazing meal even better!

We look forward to welcoming you to Garbanzowhere we make every meal a feast for your senses!